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Operating a property management company does not have to be complex. Let us simplify it with the standalone or on-line software systems we represent, proven to make the job easier and less confusing.  Rent Manager, one of the very first property management system developers, is established, innovative and offers a true value in systems products. Their uniqueness is very apparent in many ways and which we are ready to identify.

Dick Jonilonis is a Property Management Systems Specialist with 30 plus years of systems experience. He has assisted hundreds of fee property managers and owner/ operators of investment properties with their portfolios.  Over the last 3 decades he has worked with at least 10 different property management systems providing sales, training and support for those systems and his clients. 

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Discover additional details about property management and property management systems.  Read "Property Management Systems - from A to Z"; a book identifying key topics related to managing properties with software programs. The book should be of value to both management and staff in understanding the many functions of property management and the systems that suplement and/ or replace traditionsl operations and  activities. It should be a special benefit for property managers beginning their career.  It fovuses primarily on California fee property management and its many state mandates and requirements.

The contents were derived from 30+  years of property management systems experience and appears to be unique, partly based on the scarcity of other similar publications with similar content.  It is likely that this book is an example of what future property management "how to" and text books will be like.



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Dick Jonilonis

About Us

Dick Jonilonis & Associates in La Mesa, California, offers property management software and training for clients in the real estate industry.  Since 2007, we have represented Rent Manager™, a property management systems developer that creates the software that we sell. They have been around since 1982 and have more than 20,000 users. Through this company, we offer cutting-edge programs for our clients, helping to meet their property management needs.

Owner Dick Jonilonis worked for IBM™ in Chicago, and later in San Diego.  Originally he worked in the Chicago Education Center assisting the instructors.  He was promoted to their data center, where new customers tested new programs on the IBM mainframe systems.  He was promoted again and began to assist customers with program resting and debugging.  Dick transferred to San Diego as a systems engineer and began to work with local customers who would begin to implement  the second generation systems he had originally worked on in Chicago.  Later, he also worked on third generation systems for IBM in San Diego.  He conducted classes and made recommendations to customers to increase systems productivity. For one large company his recommendations resulted in a sale that was re-scheduled to the following year. The customer was pleased, ithe IBM sales man was not. Dick  was with IBM™ for nine years.

After Dick left IBM™, he was recruited by a San Diego bank.  He assumed the position of manager of bank and corporate systems programming in addition to assistant manager of the computer center and its 80 staff members.  He became an Assistant Vice President / Officer of the bank. The bank was acquired 7 years later by a San Francisco bank.  Dick was offered a management position in San Francisco but decided against the bank's offering.

During his time with IBM he also acquired Community College Teachng Credentials (Business Systems) at night. The year after the bank closed in San Diego  he increased his 3 hours of teaching to a total of 16 hours of Business Systems classes at 2 community colleges.   He also finished his degree that summer at San Diego State with a total of 176 units and 2 majors,  (business management and Industrial Psychology), 

He than began to manage a small property management portfolio in a Real Estate Investment Brokerage office as a property manager. He had been managing a few units as an owner.  The brokerage property management portfolio increased from 100 units to 400 over the next 3 years and included mostly apartment units and some commercial.  The company was sold and Dick transitioned into Real Estate investment Properties Sales and Exchanges as a Realtor.   He also became active in the San Diego Board of Realtors based on his IBM and bank mainframe systems experience.  He was asked to serve as Chairman of the computerized Investment MLS Committee with the goal of desgning  and implementing an Investment MLS  system.   The system was one of the first in California and possibly the first in the country. He was also a SDAR Director,  Executive Booard member and co-chair of the boards Computer User Group. 

At the same time he began consulting and assisting property managers with the implementation of early personal and real estate oriented software.systems.   He started his own company,  Dick Jonilonis & Associates, in 1994.  He has through the years worked with 10 plus systems including the very popular Yardi Systems.  Currently he markets, trains and supports  Rent Manager Systems, a very mature system with ectensive features including customization capabilities.  Dick's experience with multiple systems over 30 years, allows him to provide special insights to the evaluation and selection of property management software in addition to support and training over the years a wide spectrum of property management systems operations. His consulting services and seminars have included systems evaluations, BRE compliance, use of advanced features  and systems security. 

Dick is a published author of his property management systems book and and numerous artcles in regional and nationa lpublications. He currentlyprovides his clients and prospects quarterly newsletters focused on Rent Manager and 2 or monthly artcles / blogs related to property management and systems content.   

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Current Member of the San Diego  Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers™ (NARPM),  the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors™  plus the Commercial Real Estate Alliance.  He is also a
 past Member of the San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA) and a past Guest Professional of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).   His company is a memberof the Better Businss Bureau.


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