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Software Systems for Property Management

Rent Manager is a long time successful developer of both standalone and on-line property management systems.  Dick Jonilonis & Associates, has represented Rent Manager since 2007 after spending five weeks evaluating systems with the goal of finding a system that offered the best set of system features for his clientele currently using Yardi, Tenant Pro and Manage-IT System's.  His 25 years of property management experience at that time, provided all of the elements and experience necessary to properly evaluate systems software for his hundreds of clients. He continues to share his observations and recommendations re: Rent Manager and property management operations through on-site and on-line consults, training and support.  He also has just become a dealer for an established popular owner/operator (landlord) system called Tenant File to accommodate the many landlords in the San Diego County Apartment Association. He is re-activating his membership in SDCAA. View the links below for more info:

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This article is focused on California Fee Property Managers -

Property Managers - Are you directing your best efforts on managing your property management system?

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Personal Computer

Rent Manager RM12

After 10 plus years and many updated Rent Manager has moved onto  a new version of its software.  RM12 has many new innovations including API  (Application  Program Interface).   API is a programming facility which provides the ability for program routines to be easily integrated into a core (main) program greatly increasing  the ability  to customize  and expand the program capabilities. RM12 is offered in both standalone and an on-line versions which is a  very unique  and important set of system options for prospective  system's users.

Standalone Systems

Rent Manager offers two  standalone versions. They include the Enterprise  Units, which is for smaller portfolios (from 10 to 200  Units), and Enterprise  for portfolios up to thousands  of units.  The above systems run off a PC or a server that supports multiple  PC's.    Additional units for Enterprise Units can be purchased in increments of five up to the 200 maximun.  Additional user licenses (PC's) can be acquired as needed. 

On-line Systems

Rent Manager also offers an online  system and various mobile products.  The core program and user data is currently maintained on developer servers  in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Denver, Colorado.  Rent Manager was one of the first developers offering an online system in 1999.  It is also one of the very few developers offering both standalone and online systems  that use the same core program across their product line.  Additional mobile routines and website portals are also available for online users.


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Technical Support & Training

Today's software for property management can be initially intimidating, in part based on the many additional features and technology  some systems have added to their core program.  Rent Manager provides extensive training and support resources to assist users in the implementation and ongoing operations in order to continuously improve productivity, reduce costs, increase systems security and increase income.  Rent Manager maintains an aggressive upgrade policy of frequent and innovative improvements.   

Rent Manager offers a  five hour implementation service to assure an accurate and complete creation of the client's database which  are offered in one-hour increments. The service covers the software's basic elements and implementation, so companies and their employees can adapt to the new software within a relatively short period.   Rent Manager  also includes a library of 150 plus videos, along with YouTube™ videos, weekly webinars and blogs offering management and staff  helpful resources for both  focused and independent training.  Other resources include an online  forum, a monthly newsletter and on-line advanced classroom training to take advantage of Rent Manager's customization and advanced features.

Dick Jonilonis & Associates also offers local San Diego County  training and support to companies, focusing on California BRE/DRE issues and various modules and key features.  He offers consults and training both on site for local companies or through the use of GoToMeeting.com for both local and distant companies.  He promote extensively the the implementation and use of Advanced Features in order to improve productivity and increased ROI.  

Dick Jonilonis & Associates' support and training services have received great reviews from long time past clients, many of whom have over time successfully implemented a second or even third generation system with our assistance and support.